About Us

The Kunnur Foundation, a non-profit educational initiative, works for the economic and social empowerment of rural children across North Karnataka, India. Through this effort, the Foundation is committed to raising the level of education and literacy in the rural India and to helping the disadvantaged children realize their full potential. Through its schools, the Foundation has nurtured education in villages and in particular has been an active promoter of education among girls. It runs Kannada and English medium schools which have made a great impact on the lives of villagers in the surrounding area. The schools have on its rollsnearly 3000 students from nearby villages. MOST OF THEM PAY SUBSIDISED FEES. This has facilitated the rural children to pursue higher education or find gainful employment, builda strong foundation for theirfuture of and alleviate themselves frompoverty. The Kunnur Foundation functions at the grass-roots level, relying on community involvement and the support of innumerable volunteers and donors. We invite you to learn more about the Foundation from our website and join us in our efforts to empower the rural youth of India!

Our Vision

The Kunnur Foundation is committed to raising the level of education and literacy in rural India and to helping the disadvantaged children realize their full potential. The Foundation seeks to ensure quality education for children in rural areas, opening the door for them to India’s economic growth andalso to benefit from it. The Vision of the Kunnur Foundation strives towards meeting a crucial need of society through inclusion and expansion of newer streams of academics and continues to grow by establishing new institutions and provide top-notch infrastructure for quality learning, research and application of knowledge. Its schools empower rural children to meet future challenges.

Our Mission

Our school mission is to provide a learning experience that makes every one happy and a wholesome person - an experience that rural children would cherish for a lifetime; one that brings out the best in them to live life fully and meaningfully. We seek to accomplish all this by providing a range of learning opportunities and challenges at subsidized fees that would enable the rural young minds to explore the diversity and commonality of the world with a sense of wonder, think creatively and critically, express themselves effectively, embrace a culture of innovation, to imbibe the love for lifelong learning, and to evolve as responsible citizens and compassionate individuals.

"A Sound Mind in a Sound Body” is the ideal that is at the heart of the Kunnur Foundation and we believe that it will remain in the hearts of our rural students as they go on to realize their dreams.

School Transport

The Schools offer transport services from school campus and various regions of Shiggaon Taluka. The details of time schedules, and bus charges will be provided by the schools at the time of admissions.


Teachers are the pillars of every school. Our dedicated teachers are committed to instill excellence in children by kindling their interest, imagination and curiosity. Theyleave an enduring impact on the children's growth as they not only deliver knowledge but also give them emotional support. Our teachers strive to be not only facilitators but also motivators and mentors.


Landscaped lawns and playground surround the school buildings which are modern and learner-friendly. The architectural design provides for optimum space utilization for teaching and a variety of other academic engagements and developmental needs of the young learners, including provision of special care for differently-abled children.

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